Why Ethiopia!

A Land-Lover’s Dream

Simiem-Mountains-Gelada-Baboon Ethiopia’s landscape impresses in both scale and beauty. Travellers’s are thrilled by the amazing backdrop of canyons, chasms, lakes, savannah plains and plateaus-not to mention the mesmerizing desolate Danakil Depression.

Outdoor Adventures

Ethiopia beg outdoor escapades with its larger-than-life, hallucinatory landscapes. Hiking and Trekking in Ethiopia’s Simien and Bale Mountains are obvious choices. Ethiopia rank among Africa’s best birdwatching destinations, with plenty of endemic species. One thing is sure: you will be rewarded with memorable experiences.

People with Proud Traditions

Peopling these landscapes is a wide variety of African peoples, including the Afar, the Mursi the Karo, the Hamer, the Nuer and Anuak, whose ancient customs and have remained almost entirely intact. Staying with these communities is a great introduction is a great introduction to a way of life once followed by all of humankind. A highlight of any trip to Ethiopia is witnessing one of the many ceremonies and festivals that are an integral part of traditional culture in Ethiopia. They be Christian, or Animist festivals or village events, such as a wedding, a rite-of-passage celebration or a local market day.

Historical Wonders

Ethiopia, almost the only African country to have escaped European colonialism, has retained much of its cultural identity. Its sovereign story has left its wide-ranging and fertile highlands laden with historical treasures ranging from ancient Aksumite tombs and obelisks to 17th Century castles. And it’s not dubbed the Cradle of Humanity for nothing; Archaeologically speaking, Ethiopia is to sub-Saharan Africa what Egypt is to North Africa.

Legendary Ethiopia

Remember when you were a child tucked in bed and your parents, opening a book, read aloud the words ,Once up on a time’? Within moments you were transported to a magical world where emperors turned solid rock in to beautiful churches, a queen known only as Sheba was seduced by a king named Solomon and the words of God were hidden in a secret ark for the world to ponder. Today you are about to venture to Ethiopia. It is your wildest fairly tale brought to life.

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